Welcome to FSH School

FHIR Shorthand (FSH) is a domain-specific language for defining the contents of FHIR Resources and Implementation Guides. Explore FSH School to get the knowledge you need to get started using FSH.


FSH allows you to define FHIR profiles in a simple, declarative language. No more large JSON files or spreadsheets, just human-readable text files which compile to the FHIR artifacts you need.

Fast and Agile

FSH is amazingly compact, fun to write, and painless to modify when you need to make changes. Take a look at the official FSH specification for more information about how FSH can be used to profile FHIR.

Source control ready

Unlike other tools for profiling FHIR, FSH works seamlessly with source control tools like GitHub. Maintain a history of changes, track contributions, and maintain agility by using FSH with source control.

“FSH has legs.”

- Grahame Grieve, FHIR Product Director

“An immensely useful project.”

- Richard Kavanagh, Graphnet Health, Board Member HL7 UK and INTEROPen

“Simply fantastic.”

- Keith Boone, Informatics Adept at Audacious Inquiry

“FSH is a joy.”

- David Hay, “Hay on FHIR” blog

“Too good to be true! Like a revolution.”

- Dr. Bertil Reppen, Apertura (HL7 Norway)