FHIR Shorthand (FSH) Seminar:
Getting Started with New Tools to Create Swimmingly Slick Implementation Guides

FHIR is a digital standard for health care data exchange that is becoming the international norm for health data representation and exchange.

FHIR specifications are called Implementation Guides (IGs) — these are "a set of rules of how a particular interoperability or standards problem is solved".

This course is a comprehensive overview of FHIR IG authoring basics for people who are interested in being able to independently create FHIR IGs and help solve interoperability problems in the health industry.

The course consists of:


  • Become familiar with the FHIR specification and commonly used FHIR resources and element types.
  • Learn the recommended process for successfully planning a new IG.
  • Gain proficiency with IG Authoring tools such as FSH, GoFSH, SUSHI.
  • Learn how to create the common components of an IG, including FHIR profiles, code systems, and value sets.
  • Learn about key FHIR profile concepts including value set binding, cardinality, MustSupport, slicing, and extensions.

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